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Mixed Media

A once tight-knit group of friends, now living lives in different places, start looking for a friend who recently went missing. Though long out of contact, they each detail their search through twitter, tweeting old memories along with clues as they follow the footsteps of their friend online and offline. The story winds through twitter accounts, soundcloud playlists, livejournal blogs, and other web footprints. The friends are slowly brought together as the story progresses, and they reflect on their life choices and the paths that brought them to where they are.



An aspiring composer has to bring together a ragtag group of misfit musicians, each with their own hang-ups and eccentricities, but everyone with a unique style. As their personalities clash their individual accounts show them slowly growing into a team, while the composer tries to stop himself falling in love with the violinist, who is everything he hates and everything he loves at the same time.

Coming of Age

A young man (or woman, if you like) finds themselves suddenly looking after a young son or daughter they didn’t realize they had (an error in official paperwork wrongly tags them as the parent) – and the two slowly build a relationship as they get to know each other; learning to adapt and to find harmony when their personalities are often contrasting.

Sherlock Holmes

Watson meets Sherlock Holmes, and they go on adventures solving mysteries,

People in Love

“It’s true that people we meet shape us. But the people we don’t meet shape us also, often more because we have imagined them so vividly.” 
— Simon Van Booy

We follow 6 people from different walks of life in a big city, going about their lives (school, college, jobs, retirement) and how they navigate love in the city. As the story goes on, all their lives interlink and weave together. Not all the characters are revealed at the same time, but with little clues and hints being placed in various tweets, we come to realise how connected each of the characters are. We realise how small the world really is and put together the pieces of the innumerable number of ways love is truly all around us.

Road Tripping

A young trio of friends decides to run away from home, each of them tweeting about their experiences as they pass through towns and cities in a rickety old car. Their journey slowly unravels the different reasons they all have for running, and the ways in which their friendship helps / harms them.

Michelin Choice

3 Chefs in the same neighbourhood in New York City own distinctly different restaurants. They specialise in entirely different cuisines, but are all gearing towards being reviewed by a Michelin Inspector, the first one in the entire area. The story is an exploration of food and restaurant culture, and the pressure and influence of food reviewers. As tempers flare and skills are pit against each other, ultimately, the story showcases the meshing of different cultures and cuisines, and the potent power that food has in bringing people together.

Route March

This story is about a family of three, a Brigadier-General in the army, his military wife and their 20-year- old son. Their son is an entry-level soldier for the army, going on away-trips and various missions to go up the ranks and emulate his father. Since the family does not get to spend much time together, they use Twitter as a means of communication, almost like a family thread chat. In the thread/chat, they share everything from what they ate that day, to family photos and skirt around family problems without being too blatant about it until it eventually comes to a head. All three characters however, have private accounts that are revealed at different points at the story — we see the son’s private account immediately, and the Brigadier-General’s private account is an anonymous one (he writes about the military!) that is revealed at a much later time. At the heart of it, the story is about the relationship between a boy and his parents, and how he comes-of- age in a highly testosterone-charged military environment.


A corporate mogul loses his mother one winter, and returns to her apartment to clear out her possessions. He finds her journals, starting from when she was a little girl in South East Asia and how she eventually moves in search of greener pastures. Grief from his loss, coupled with the incredible stories his mother wrote in her journals spurs him to go on a work sabbatical and uncover his roots. As such, he embarks on a trip through South-East Asia, tracing back the various places his mother had lived while in search of his ancestral home. Along the way, he meets a variety of people, learns about his family history, but ends up learning more about himself than he ever thought possible.

Cristal in my Chanel

Our story centres around a group of five very wealthy childhood friends who all grew up together in the same country. They happen to all find themselves leaving their families and country behind for university in another city. To help them deal with their homesickness, they started a ritual of meeting twice a month for ‘Cristal night’ where they catch up, discuss their incestuous families and their latest purchases. This story begins in their final few months of university, the last few cristal nights, dealing with growing up, and navigating their futures while still wanting making a name for themselves  with or without their parents money

The Scottish Play

A community theatre company decides to put on Shakespeare’s Macbeth as its annual All Hallow’s Eve fund-raiser play. Moving away from their highly successful runs of largely broadway-esque musicals, this year takes on a darker twist with Macbeth. What begins as a run of the mill yearly production turns eerie very quickly, and both the curse of the Scottish Play and the Halloween premiere date bring with them a series of unfortunate events. Will the show go on?

Singing to success

The episodic hijinks of three boy band members on their road to success, starting with local tours and on to album releases, promotional tours, album signings, a fourth member(!?) and eventually, a world tour?

Ghost Town

A strange twitter account by the name of Ghost Town starts writing tweets about a small group of friends. Although at first the account seems to be in jest and fun (tweeting about stupid things the friends have done over time) it begins to tweet things that are very secret, and these splinter the group, causing in-fights and arguments. Ghost Town claims to be a friend of the group, back to reveal the truth. As each person disappears, their account picture distorts, and they become extra voices for the ghost account, forcing the group to confront events they hoped would remain hidden forever.

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