Adding Images

According to Twitter, Tweets with photos get 313% more engagement, Woven stories are no different as they live on Twitter.  However, adding images can be tricky due to image copyright. Below are some tips where you can find royalty free images.

1. Royalty-Free Stock Image Website

These websites are completely free to use and copyright will not be infringed. To start your image search, simply create an account and start searching.

Here are a few stock image websites that we recommend:

2. Google Image Search

Google is the obvious go-to-searching tool but be sure to narrow the search for pictures that are labeled for reuse or labeled for reuse with modifications to avoid copyright infringement.

To do that go to Google > Images > Search tools > Usage Rights > Then select Labelled with modification/ Label for reuse

3. Flickr Image Search

Flickr is another great source to look for images.

When looking for images make sure to select "All creative commons" on the left hand side of the search bar.

4. Use Your Own Pictures!

The best is when you use your own original pictures. Using professional pictures is good but sometimes it’s even better to include raw, original pictures because they make your story feel more ‘real’.