3 Mistakes Made When "Writing"
in a Text-Editor

1. Spending time on formatting…
…or getting lost in all those buttons above, before you're sure what your final format will be.

2. Placing pictures and charts…
…whether you go onto Google, or start playing with an chart, when you're gaining momentum with your words.

3. Editing and deleting too much…
…and writing the same sentence 10 different ways. It doesn't matter if you write "great" or "perfect", it's a final rough draft.

We love text-editors. But they are designed for text editing. For rough drafts, text-editors offer too much flexibility and options. At first, the focus needs to be on getting the words on the page, and your idea out.

Rough draft doesn't have extra options, instead opting for focus. It has easy to insert placeholders for pictures, quotes, and more. Most important, Rough Draft replaces the delete key with a strikethrough key, making it a horrible text-editor.

You don't need another text-editor, you just need some place to start writing

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