Join our team developing physical & digital solutions


Do you want to be a great operations & marketing manager?

We're looking for someone that is fluent in 日本語 and can communicate in English.
(Perfect English is not necessary at all!)


Someone excited to be the first & last link in getting our products to market

Helping make sure the foundation is there and numbers make sense, for our small but growing team.

Planning marketing initiatives from mailing lists to social to offline events.


Stay fresh working on new projects

We release products every 1-3 months. We're building products not services, keeping things simple.

We build UNIX philosophy products, simple things that you might find on

We identify problems using Twitter, making sure our products aren't just for personal problems.


We make small products that reach big audiences

Screenshot 2015-04-20 14.46.57.png

With features on with top publishers in the world, including: NPR, MacWorld, Wired, and more.

Releases coordinated with ProductHunt, where we've reached the #2 product of the day.

Ranking on the official Apple app stores, where we've been #1 in our app's categories and Top 10 overall.


Get involved in the product development

We're looking for an operations manager that's excited to get involved in the making of products. Whether that's by brainstorm ideas and problems, or helping test new products using an EEG brain scanner.


Now we're based in Hikarie's coworking space…


But we'll be moving soon, you'd be a big part of choosing and helping design our first office this summer!


We're not big believers in resumes, we'd rather…

Hear what past projects have excited you, and what you enjoy working on.

See your personal projects, whether they're released or still just ideas.

Get to know you, on a professional and more personal level.


We are big believers in…

Ownership by the team, meaning you would own a share of the company.

Paying it forward now too, with a full time salary and insurance.

Enjoying dinner, meaning we go home by 6, keeping life comfortably in balance.


Want our references?

We're happy to put you in contact with who we've worked with in the past, so you can find out what it's like to work with us. 



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